Industrial cleaning wipes

Industrial cleaning wipes

Industrial cleaning wipes are the core business of our company. We formulate them ourselves so that they do not leave streaks or dust. We manufacture and supply them to our customers. Check out our company's unique range today.

Wherever there is order and tidiness, the comfort of the work and the quality of the resulting products or services are ensured. Clean machines, tools, worktops and personal hygiene are all important in this sense. To maintain high standards of hygiene in places such as factories, workshops or agricultural buildings, specialist cleaning wipes are needed. They have to handle dust and dirt, as well as hard-to-remove contaminants such as traces of grease, oil, paint, adhesives and a host of others. All this our can be accomplished by our industrial cleaning wipes placed in the right hands. They are manufactured from cellulose, viscose, polyesters and polypropylene, so each of our cleaning wipes has individual characteristics. 


Range of Sitec industrial cleaning wipes

Sitec industrial cleaning wipes are multi-purpose products. Thanks to their specially selected ingredients and perfectly designed fibres, they are suitable for use in all industries. They are ideally suited wherever the hygiene of the working environment is of paramount importance.

Our range of industrial cleaning wipes includes:

The products in our range are suitable for food contact. They are tested by the National Institute of Public Health – Polish Institute of Hygiene. Part of the range is lint-free certified. They can be dispensed one sheet at a time, significantly reducing cleaning costs and contributing to environmental protection.

Wet and wetting-ready wipes

We do not supply a single, but dozens of products with different properties and applications. Some cleaning wipes are all-purpose, while others have a more specific purpose, e.g. to get rid of dried, hard-to-remove dirt. We also offer wet cleaning wipes soaked in a cleaning agent that is gentle on the skin but ruthless against dirt. Others can be wetting-ready and compatible with water, solvent or a detergent of your choice. Our products come in the form of wipes and rolls of various sizes. It is our ambition to match the product to customers with different cleaning needs.

What can wet cleaning wipes be used for?

Wet cleaning wipes are a cost-effective variant of cleaning materials that can be used without combining them with detergents, thus saving cleaning costs. Wet cleaning wipes are ideal for washing a variety of soiled surfaces. They can be used to remove dust, dirt and greasy stains. The suitable packaging that the manufacturer has provided the wet cleaning wipes with allows them to be stored for a long time. Take a look at our full range of wet cleaning wipes!

Explore all the cleaning wipes in our range

Discover the complete Barneo product range – a manufacturer of specialist cleaning wipes with very good quality at a competitive price. Our range includes:

  • cellulose wipes,
  • non-woven wipes,
  • microfiber wipes,
  • wipes accessories.

The offered products are also divided into industrial wipes in sheets, wipes in rolls and long-lasting soaked or soak-ready bucket wipes. Dimensions of leaf or roll wipes may be individually agreed with the customer.
We supply wipes and their dedicated accessories to businesses in various industrial sectors. These mainly include food companies, pharmaceutical companies, printing companies, automotive manufacturers, medical clinics, hairdressing and cosmetic establishments. Our products work well in any place where cleanliness is a priority.

Tests of wipes at customers' sites

Only wipes that are well matched to the specifics of the industry guarantee effective cleaning. Therefore, make an appointment to test the wipes at your workplace. Our sales representative will provide you with the details of the offer and present the properties of individual wipes, so you can choose the optimal product for your company. Tests are a free service, provided so that each customer is confident in his decisions regarding the purchase of wipes.