Cleaning wipes for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Healthcare-related workplaces, including GP surgeries, dental surgeries, hospitals or hospices, have a special obligation to be tidy and clean. This enables them to maintain the highest level of hygiene and prevent the risk of spreading bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Therefore, the selection of both the right cleaning wipes and the industrial cleaning wipes themselves is a priority for such places.
As we sell specialist industrial cleaning wipes, we also offer suitable cleaning wipes for hospitals, healthcare facilities, dental surgeries, hospices, nursing homes and similar health care units. For such places we particularly recommend our disposable products, so that a maximum level of hygiene can be maintained. 


Wiping, drying and disinfecting wipes

Wiping, cleaning and drying various surfaces - this is what our cleaning wipes are designed for. But not only that, as you can also disinfect hands, surfaces and medical equipment with them. Overall, for healthcare units, we recommend disposable cellulose cleaning wipes, especially lint-free ones. Not only do these products effectively handle dust, dirt and stains from spills, but they also do not leave streaks or dust particles on surfaces. The cleaning wipes are available in sheets and rolls of various sizes, as well as in different colours. 


Save on cleaning wipes from Barneo

We are very familiar with the needs of the public health service, which simply cannot afford expensive cleaning wipes, let alone misguided purchases. That is why we offer cleaning wipes at favourable prices and help our customers select the products that are best suited to their workplace. We also sell cleaning wipe dispensers, which allow you to use sheets or rolls in a cost-effective way. By establishing an ongoing relationship with the customer, we guarantee a smooth supply of cleaning wipes in accordance with demand.