Metalworking industry

Cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry

We produce prime quality cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry. Our products are characterised by excellent absorption. They do not leave behind paper shreds or streaks. Check out our product range today.

Industrial cleaning wipes are products that are useful in many workplaces – different in terms of conditions and requirements for cleanliness. One of the areas of application for such cleaning wipes is the metalworking industry associated with the construction of machinery, equipment, vehicles or parts for them. In such an environment, difficult-to-clean lubricants, oils, liquids, etc. are often used. Only the right cleaning wipes can deal with such soiling, and these include cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry from Sitec.


Sale of cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry

On the website, we present over a dozen types of cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry, which can easily cope with the toughest dirt on various surfaces.

The range of cleaning wipes for the metalworking industry includes:

  • wet cleaning wipes in bucket,
  • two-ply cellulose cleaning wipes,
  • three-ply cellulose cleaning wipes,
  • microfibre cleaning wipes,
  • sheet and roll cleaning wipes.

We can carry out free tests of the cleaning wipes at your premises, optimising the products to suit your facility's needs and then ensuring timely delivery of the ordered goods.


Why invest in Sitec brand cleaning wipes?

Consisting of a single layer of material, Sitec's absorbent and strong cleaning wipes are ideal for the working conditions typical of the metalworking industry.

They effectively remove dirt from surfaces such as:

  • hard-to-remove grease,
  • greasy oil stains,
  • petroleum-based substances,
  • lacquers,
  • paints,
  • and many other stains.

They are just as effective in dealing with dried stains or absorbing spilled liquids. Their effectiveness also lies in the fact that they do not leave behind streaks and settled dust on the cleaned surfaces, as can happen with ordinary, unsuitable cotton rags. They are also excellent as cleaning wipes for the printing industry. The products are fully customised in terms of sheet sizes and roll lengths and heights.

If you are interested in our range, don't hesitate to send a message or give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions! We operate five days a week.