Pharmaceutical industry

Cleaning wipes for the pharmaceutical industry

Cleaning wipes for the pharmaceutical industry will help maintain proper hygiene – cleaning worktops, laboratory equipment, production lines and instruments. We have created them so that they do not leave streaks or tear during use. Check out our product range today. 


Sale of pharmaceutical cleaning wipes

Pharmaceutical cleaning wipes we offer are products that are able to guarantee perfectly hygienic conditions.

The range of pharmaceutical cleaning wipes includes:

  • cleaning wipes with Polish Institute of Hygiene approval,
  • cleaning wipes with dust-proof certification,
  • cleaning wipes with high absorption rate,
  • soft cleaning wipes for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Sitec is a whole series of specialist cleaning wipes with high absorbency, effectively removing dirt from various surfaces. In addition, we offer stainless dispensers for cleaning wipes.


Use of Sitec wipes in the pharmaceutical industry

Available in rolls, Sitec pharmaceutical cleaning wipes remove all dirt from cleaned surfaces after just one wipe. Ruthless to dirt, yet soft to the touch, they do not cause scratches on the surfaces to be cleaned, even if these are the most delicate and require far-reaching care. Thanks to their high absorption rate, the cleaning wipes effectively dry the surface without leaving streaks or smears. Products with a rough texture are excellent at dealing with dried, hard-to-remove dirt. Microfibre cleaning wipes remove dirt without the need for detergents.

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