Czyściwa dla fryzjerstwa

Cleaning wipes for hairdressing

The industrial cleaning wipes we offer are excellent products for use by many business sectors. Sold in rolls or sheets, single or multi-ply, strong yet gentle in use cleaning wipes are recommended, among others, for hairdressing salons, beauty salons, aesthetic medicine practices and other beauty locations.


All-purpose cleaning wipes for various surfaces

The proposed cleaning wipes can be used for both simple dirt wiping or surface and hand disinfection. With the right detergents, they effectively clean, among other things, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, leather and other surfaces. They thus ensure a high reduction in the risk of infection by bacteria, viruses and fungi, which inevitably occur in hairdressing salons, beauty salons and any other workplace associated with a high customer turnover. Our cleaning wipes are scratch-free and gentle on the skin. 


Cleaning wipes for stubborn stains

The wide range of Sitec cleaning wipes on offer are all-purpose and excellent for wiping or drying various surfaces. For hairdressing and cosmetology, however, it is worth paying special attention to cellulose cleaning wipes. These are three-ply, extremely strong wipes with high absorbency. They effortlessly wash away stubborn traces of hair dyes, greasy cosmetics, liquid varnishes and other products used in the beauty industry.