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Cleaning wipes for agriculture

The agricultural cleaning wipes we offer allow you to remove stains from grease, oil or soot. They are gentle on the skin and smell pleasant. They can be used without risking a reduction in production quality.

Agriculture, as one of the many production areas obliged to maintain high hygiene standards, uses professional cleaning wipes. Only specialist agricultural cleaning wipes, complete with the right cleaning agents, are able to ensure this standard in areas associated with production of food such as milk or meat. Poorly washed equipment used in livestock farming can cause disease in these animals or contaminate their food. In turn, under-cleaned agricultural machinery and equipment does not work as it should and corrodes more quickly. The use of Sitec's specialist cleaning wipes for the agricultural industry prevents this from happening both in agriculture and in the equally hygienically demanding food processing industry. 


Sale of agricultural cleaning wipes

We sell agricultural cleaning wipes in various forms, from cellulose to viscose/polyester. These include sheet and roll cleaning wipes, wet cleaning wipes and cleaning wipes to be wet in any detergent.

The range of agricultural cleaning wipes includes:

  • cleaning wipe in a bucket – ideal for cleaning agricultural machinery, wetted in grease-dissolving liquid;
  • Sitec 110 cleaning wipe – soft, gentle cleaning wipe that is ideal for wiping hands or cleaning difficult to reach surfaces;
  • Sitec 590 cleaning wipe – thick and damage-resistant cleaning wipe; can be used with solvents and heavy chemicals (it is also used as a cleaning wipe for the metalworking industry);
  • 02CB cleaning wipe – cellulose two-ply cleaning wipe, all-purpose, suitable for both industrial floor cleaning and machine cleaning.

Many of our cleaning wipes are ideal for use in agriculture, with features that meet the requirements for hygiene, including approval by the Polish Institute of Hygiene. 


Advantages of Sitec brand agricultural cleaning wipes

With these cleaning wipes, dirt can be effectively and efficiently wiped from hands, flat and uneven surfaces. Removes stubborn dirt from agricultural machinery, worktops, tools, etc. They get rid of marks left by oils, grease, paint or soot. At the same time, they remain gentle on the skin, do not scratch the surface and do not leave any untouched streaks on the surface. They are designed to deal with dirt ruthlessly and quickly.