Food industry

Cleaning wipes for the food industry

The food industry is one of those industries that, under the pain of financial restrictions, among others, absolutely mandates highest standards of cleanliness. It is easier to maintain this cleanliness if properly selected, high-quality cleaning wipes are used. If you want to buy such cleaning wipes for your food company, you should be interested in our range of specialist industrial cleaning wipes and dispensers for sheet or roll products.


Absorbent cleaning wipes for the removal of dirt of various origin

The cleaning wipes offered to companies in the food industry have a high capacity to remove contaminants of various origin and from a variety of surfaces. They quickly and thoroughly pick up not only water, but also the inherently difficult-to-remove oil and grease soiling that is very often encountered in food processing. In addition to showing very good liquid absorption, the recommended cleaning wipes are also strong and efficient in their application. Many of our products are lint-free cleaning wipes that leave the wiped surface free of the smallest dust particles and dust.

Thanks to the different versions of specialist cleaning wipes in our range, it is easier to find a product that meets the needs of the individual customer one hundred per cent. The choice is between sheet or roll cleaning wipes, working dry, wet or wetting-ready. A suitable dispenser can also be selected for the cleaning wipes, which will allow the wipes to be used economically.