Cleaning service

Cleaning wipes for cleaning companies

If you run a cleaning company, you have probably encountered the problem of inadequate cleaning wipes more than once. Poorly selected or poor-quality cleaning wipes not only hinder the work, but can also lead to the loss of customers dissatisfied with the cleaning service. Therefore, instead of choosing your next cleaning product by trial and error, rely on products proven by many other entrepreneurs by ordering them from our company. We have several types of cleaning wipes for a variety of tasks. We are confident that most of them are able to meet the high expectations of a professional cleaning service. 


Low-wear cleaning wipes

We understand your needs very well. We know that in the cleaning service industry, only low-wear cleaning wipes perform as intended. That is why we recommend our microfibre cleaning wipes in particular, which, firstly, are all-purpose and, secondly, are strong enough to withstand intense and prolonged use. Sitec MF 340 is a range of microfibre cleaning wipes of high basis weight. The microfibres of which such a cleaning wipe is composed absorb water and other spills very well. The product is therefore suitable for wiping and drying surfaces, and its soft material allows it to reach hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning with these cleaning wipes leaves no streaks or scratches even on delicate glass or wood surfaces. The cleaning wipes can be washed repeatedly in an automatic washing machine.