Find a product for your industry

If your industry requires mandatory, systematic cleaning of dirt from a variety of surfaces, it is worth taking advantage of our range of specialist cleaning wipes. We provide products of different shapes, sizes and properties, so you can easily choose the right cleaning wipes for your line of business. Our Sitec industrial cleaning wipes, dispensers and racks meet your expectations for maximum cleaning efficiency. On top of this, you will be working with a supplier who takes every order received from customers seriously and is able to meet their high expectations.

The industries we supply products for include: food, pharmaceuticals, printing, metalworking, electronics, automotive, agriculture, hairdressing and cosmetics, cleaning services and laboratories.


Role of cleaning wipes in everyday work

The cleaning wipes in our range contribute to occupational safety and hygiene. They are an important element in preparing the workplace, tools, machinery and equipment for the individual stages of production, processing or other factory processes. Ease of removal of particular contamination types is extremely important with repetitive operations. Hence the importance of texture and thickness of the cleaning wipe and the material from which it is made. It is convenient, for example, to have products that are smooth on one side and rough on the other. There is then no need to accumulate extra wipes or sponges in the workplace, and the planned tasks are simply carried out more efficiently. In many plants, cleaning wipes come into regular contact with chemicals. They must therefore be additionally resistant to solvents or detergents. Their high strength in contact with such preparations is important in the automotive or paint industry, among others. Still other workplaces, e.g. laboratories due to their specific nature, have to use gentle cleaning agents. Such areas can only be treated with lint-free cleaning wipes and wipes that do not pose even the slightest risk of damaging the surface to be cleaned by scratching it



Jeśli Twoja branża wiąże się z obowiązkowym i wielokrotnym czyszczeniem zabrudzeń, warto skorzystać z naszej oferty czyściw specjalistycznych. Z łatwością dopasujemy produkt pod względem wielkości, formy, właściwości do potrzeb związanych z sektorem, w której funkcjonujesz. Oferowane przez nas czyściwa, dozowniki i stelaże Sitec® spełnią całkowicie Twoje oczekiwania odnośnie maksymalnie wydajnych metod czyszczenia.