Printing industry

Cleaning wipes for the printing industry

Our range includes specialist cleaning wipes for the printing industry that do not leave streaks, do not tear during use and are extremely efficient. They will easily remove contaminants from toners, inks, as well as from other preparations used in print shops. Are you interested in our range? Learn more details today!

Our specialist cleaning wipes are used in various industries, one of which is the printing industry. This industry only uses cleaning wipes with a carefully selected fibre composition and special texture. Only specialist printing cleaning wipes can remove residues from printing inks, lubricants, adhesives and other chemical products used in the industry. Cleaning products used in such a working environment should also guarantee absence of particles and dust on the cleaned surface to make sure that print quality remains unaffected. In addition to the printing industry, they are ideal as cleaning wipes for the agricultural industry, where machines need to be cleaned of difficult to wash grease and oil. All this makes them indispensable products.


Advantages of Sitec printing industry cleaning wipes

Our Sitec printing industry cleaning wipes perform perfectly in the printing industry and in the high-tech industry. These products are characterised by:

  • high strength,
  • absorbency (most cleaning wipes have a very high liquid absorption rate),
  • no dusting, which means that the cleaning wipes do not leave particles on the surface,
  • soft material that does not scratch the cleaned surfaces and does not leave streaks,
  • resistance to detergents, paints and solvents.

The products are sent via courier service. We provide our customers with fast shipping and a pleasant working atmosphere. 


Application of our cleaning wipes in the printing industry

Thanks to the properties described, Sitec cleaning wipes can be safely used for, among other things cleaning of printing plates offset plates, cylinders, rollers, films and other components used in the printing process. The cleaning wipes are all-purpose and work well for cleaning most types of surface.

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