Private label of specialist cleaning wipes

Our product range includes private label specialist cleaning wipes which fully meet the individual customers' expectations for workplace cleanliness. The high quality and diversity of the product range means that every entrepreneur can easily find a cleaning wipe that meets its expectations. We work with customers in all industries, with a range of professional cleaning wipes for the food industry, metalworking, printing, hairdressing salons, repair shops, agriculture and many other sectors.


Private label products

Private label products include cleaning wipes in the form of rolls, wipes and sheets, the parameters of which can be customised. The customer can decide on the length and height of the rolls or the size of the sheet cleaning wipes, taking into account the convenience of the product. Before doing business with us, he may test the chosen product.

With our help, you can prepare your product for sale from start to finish. We deal with printing logos under which the products are to be marketed. We offer a range of cellulose and non-woven cleaning wipes of various thicknesses, in rolls, sheets and boxes, which prove indispensable in the day-to-day operation of companies in a wide variety of sectors. We also offer all-purpose products suitable for retail and domestic use. We provide the opportunity to create an individual design that fully reflects the client's concept.