Dispensers for cleaning wipes

Dispensers for cleaning wipes are one of the main specialisations of our company. We offer our customers products made of prime quality materials. We guarantee low prices and fast shipping. Check out our product range today.


Manual and automatic dispensers for cleaning wipes

Our range consists of both manual and automatic dispensers for cleaning wipes. Each product dispenses sheets of cleaning wipes one by one, which promotes less waste and also reduces expenditure.

The range of cleaning wipe dispensers includes:

  • floor racks for roll cleaning wipes;
  • wall racks for roll cleaning wipes;
  • stainless steel cleaning wipe dispensers;
  • steel dispensers for cleaning wipes;
  • cleaning wipe sheet dispensers.

The products can be used in food processing plants, print shops, hairdressing salons and more. We also produce pharmaceutical cleaning wipes. Every product available in our range comes with a guarantee. Shipping is available.


Automatic dispensers for disinfectant liquid

In some workplaces, and in special situations such as a pandemic, it is not only cleanliness that counts, but also disinfection of hands and surfaces. We are also prepared for such needs, offering customers automatic dispensers for disinfectant liquids. The dispensers in our range are characterised by a robust housing and reliable operation, despite exposure to increased use in the age of pandemics.

If you have any questions about our offer, please contact us by phone or via the contact form. We will be happy to answer your questions!

Where can automatic disinfectant liquid dispensers be used?

Automatic disinfectant liquid dispensers are used in both public places and private spaces. In view of the need for increased hygiene on a daily basis, it is advisable to equip public premises as well as private homes with touchless, automatic disinfectant liquid dispensers. This will ensure that customers visiting the facilities, as well as visitors, can safely take care of their hand hygiene and avoid infections.

Who do we supply with automatic disinfectant liquid dispensers?

Our clients range from large companies and institutions, including the healthcare sector, to entrepreneurs running small service and retail premises, as well as private clients. We offer robust and efficient automatic dispensers for disinfectant liquid that require no user maintenance. The dispensers are equipped with sensors that automatically release a dose of disinfectant when a hand is detected. Their simple and fast mechanism makes them popular with both business and private customers.